Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fluoride – Do you know what this toxic substance is doing to your health?

Fluoride – Do you know what this toxic substance is doing to your health?

I've been talking about fluoride concerns for a long time now, but after watching the video linked below, I felt the need to write a more current blog post on the topic. In December of 2010, I attended a medical training that just happened to cover some information on fluoride and the toxicity therein. What I learned was alarming at best, so I decided to do a little further research, to make sure what I was hearing was not simply one-sided conjecture! To my horror, it was not only factual, it was mild compared to what I would run across in the course of my research on this topic.

Consider that chlorine and many other additives to the water were considered simply for water safety. In other words, other water additives were deemed necessary to purify the drinking water and increase the safety of the consumer. Fluoride, on the other hand, does not meet that criteria. Fluoride is a chemical added not to treat the water we are ingesting to make it safe, but rather a medicine added to treat the individuals consuming it. Think about this, as with any chemical or medicine, every person responds differently depending on size, weight and other variables. In other words, the amount of any chemical you would give a 10 pound infant would significantly vary from what you would give a 200 pound individual. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine, unless you consider fluoridated water! What is considered to be an appropriate dosage? Who is monitoring this to determine if we are getting too much? The answer is NO ONE!

Most Americans are aware that our water is fluoridated and believe this is in our best interest. The American Dental Association and CDC have long praised the benefits of fluoride in our drinking water, espousing the necessity of decreasing tooth decay within our population. Yet, what does the science behind water fluoridation really say?

Most European countries have long since stopped adding fluoride to water, recognizing that the benefits are far outweighed by the risks of toxicity and physiological damage. Fluoride has shown some benefit as a TOPICAL substance ONLY, improving the enamel of teeth, yet ingesting fluoride is hazardous in a multitude of fashions. So why is it still being added to the water supply in most of the US? Simple, because there's no place to dispose of this substance in an environmentally safe way, so why not just add it to our water and dupe the population into thinking it's for their own benefit.

Any form of fluoride is neurotoxic, but some forms more so than others. If you ask a dentist today what is added to our water, they will tell you sodium fluoride NOT SO! Did you know most of what we are getting in our water is not sodium fluoride, it's hydrofluorosalicic acid, a waste product from the phosphate industry? These waste products were deemed far to toxic to be released through the stacks and were not allowed to be released into the streams or rivers because of toxicity, but it's ok if it's added to our drinking water. I'm sorry.... WHAT? This toxic substance is a mixture of whatever collects in the stack gases and it contains LOTS of contaminants, including heavy metals.

You can see additional information and studies about fluoride toxicity at as well as an excellent article and video discussing these issues at

How many of you have seen children with brown or white spots on their teeth? That's called Dental Fluorosis. It's causes by the ingestion of too much fluoride during the period of tooth development. It can not only affect the enamel of the teeth, but can also cause flaking, chipping and structural problems. Now let's take it a step further. Skeletal fluorosis is a bone disease caused by the ingestion of too much fluoride and causes significant bone degeneration and pain in those affected. It is often mistaken for arthritis, a disease which we know has been steadily on the rise in this country for many years and seems to be affecting its victims at a younger and younger age.

One of my larger concerns has to do with thyroid activity. In the studies and the informational sites listed above, there is a tremendous amount of information talking about the fact that fluoride causes significant thyroid impairment, usually seen as hypothyroidism. I'd like to detail this a bit more, as a full understanding of this issue is paramount for our health and well-being. Understanding WHY fluoride is a significant thyroid problem is important, if you want to learn how to prevent this issue and eliminate the consequences at hand.

Our pituitary gland controls the production of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). The thyroid gland then produces T4 (thyroid hormone). This is then converted into T3, which is the active form of thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is made from a protein called tyrosine with 4 iodine bonds.

The training class I took in December went into great detail about the nature of fluoride and how it affects our thyroid function. In the periodic table, fluoride (fluorine) is listed in the halogens, along with chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine. Florine is what is known as a “bully” halogen, because anytime fluorine is present, it will displace any other halogen. Case in point, thyroid! Fluoride (fluorine), when ingested, will replace the iodine in the thyroid hormone, causing it to become a tyrosine protein with 4 fluorine bonds, rather than iodine, which it has displaced. It actually creates what is a “fake” thyroid hormone that the body cannot utilize appropriately.

Blood testing for thyroid will NOT show this problem, as the current blood tests cannot distinguish the fluorine from the iodine in the thyroid hormone test. Testing will often come out completely normal, when in essence, your body has a fake thyroid hormone that cannot be used, leading you to a state of induced Type II Hypothyroidism.

These are just some of the many issues associated with water fluoridation and the toxicity associated. It is incumbent upon those partaking of the fluoridated water system to know the risks and side effects. Unfortunately, informed consent, as required when any other type of medical intervention is employed, doesn't seem to apply here. Drink at your own risk!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Graduating From The Clutches Of Autism

Graduating From The Clutches Of Autism

Today is a very special day for me. A day worthy of celebration, a day I have waited on for a very long time.

My son, Chad, had his annual IEP meeting at school today. We were to determine whether he still meets criteria for special education, and if so, update his annual IEP.

Before I tell you the good news, I suppose I should share some of the background to make this more understood. Chad has autism. He was diagnosed at 15 months and was nonverbal until between 4-5 years old. Chad was pretty severe in his earlier days, but made significant progress with much biomedical, therapeutic, dietary and educational intervention.

Chad got to a place where he became indistinguishable from his peers, and somehow in the last 2 years, we started moving backwards, or maybe just standing still. Academics became more of a problem and he started falling behind. His ADHD/hyperactivity was ramping up a good bit and focus & attention were a struggle.

I had to change my bio, which once had said my son was recovered, to correctly reflect his current situation. Now, having said that, he would NEVER in a million years meet any criteria for an autism diagnosis at this juncture, but definitely an ADHD diagnosis. His gut related autism problems were gone, his language issues were gone, his social/emotional was very slightly behind, but he was in regular classes and was no longer pulled out for special education services.

I started getting worried, as to be honest with you all, I just flat shut down over the last 5 months and kind of let things fall through the cracks. I wasn't doing homework like I needed to with Chad. I was depressed, overwhelmed, and just going to bed when I came home from work. Not acceptable, I know, but it happens. Well, finally started addressing some of my health issues, am beginning to feel much better, and am starting to get back on the right track again.

I help Chad back in the 2nd grade because of emotional/social issues, thinking he needed that extra year to catch up, which I still maintain was the best decision I ever made. He's a year older than his peers in the 4th grade now, but it's still a good fit. So, with all of this in the back of my mind, I was STUNNED to hear what the IEP team shared with me today.

They looked at qualifications, and other than the fact he had an autism diagnosis on paper, he would not have qualified for ANY special education services. When looking at his testing scores academically, hew as at or above grade level in all areas other than math, and just a slight bit behind. Not even enough to qualify him for services, outside his diagnosis still being autism.

The next sentence STUNNED me. The team said that Chad has done so well socially, emotionally and academically, they think he needs to go to 6th grade next year, instead of 5th! WHAT? HOLY COW! I was expecting to get railed for him being behind because of my lack of involvement so far this school year, and to my surprise, he blew me away!

They said what made this all the more incredible, was that since I had not been helping him at home, he has done all of this on his own, without mom prodding and constantly poking to move forward. They also told me that Chad is reading at every opportunity he gets. That is work sometimes gets sloppy because he knows if he finishes early, he can go read and he can't wait to get his hands on the chapter books at school. Chad has never liked to read and this just astonished me!

All I can tell you is that today, I am one happy mommy! As a parent of 2 children with ASD's, we long to hear these things about our children from others besides ourselves and those in our immediate environment. We crave hearing good reports, in hopes of confirming what we wish for our children. Not everyone has that luxury and I am all too aware of that, which makes me that much more thankful for the news I received today.

I doubt I will allow him to go to 6th grade next year, as the whole public middle school thing is very hard on our kids and I still don't think he's read for that socially. However, just knowing that others do has me beaming from ear to ear right now!

Come celebrate with me! My Chad is graduating from the clutches of autism!

Now, let's help everyone else's kids do the same!

Laura :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tesla Energy Lights and Autism

Tesla Energy Lights and Autism

Please check out Autism Solution Center's 6 Part Video filmed during a 1 week period using Tesla Energy Lights with individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorders. MUCH research needs to be done to determine appropriate outcomes & supporting data, but what we saw within one week was very encouraging.

View the video series here:

We now have the Tesla Energy Lights full-time at ASC, and are looking forward to much more exciting news to come as we collect more data. We will keep you posted as new information becomes available.

To go hand in hand with the new information we are learning about pH levels and cell voltage, we are recommending you read the following book, that explains in much more detail how increased cell voltage and subtle energy, such as Tesla Energy Lights, can affect change in your system.

This is technology that has not been researched in the field of autism and holds great promise, as we learn more about what increased pH or cell voltage means to specific areas of the body and mind.

Happy learning!

Laura :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

pH = Cell Voltage!

pH = Cell Voltage!

So in all the years I have been doing biomedical as it relates to autism, I have never heard things explained in the way I am going to lay out over the next few weeks. I ran across a medical theory this past week that has turned everything I currently think on its ear. Not that it makes any of the current info irrelevant or incorrect, it just changes its perspective and takes it one layer deeper to understand more of the etiology of what's going on and why we often can't get past a certain point in treatment.

We talk a lot about pH in autism, as most of us know that acidity is a problem when it comes to health. That's why we have so many people drinking alkaline water and incorporating different interventions to keep pH under control as best as they can.

pH (potential hydrogen) is really cell voltage, which makes sense, but cells require certain millivolts of power to regenerate and heal damaged areas. Take a look at this correlation between pH and cell voltage.

pH 0 7 14

Voltage +400 mV 0 mV -400 mV

A normal pH is said to be between 7.35 – 7.45, which is equivalent to -20 mV - -25 mV. So the normal operating cell voltage is between -20 mV - -25 mV, which is in the alkaline range. Any time there is damage, our voltage in that area automatically shifts to -50 mV, which is the voltage required to make new cells to replace the damaged ones. Anything from -1 mV - -400 mV is considered an electron donor. Anything from +1 mV - +400 mV is considered an electron stealer. Electron stealers are acidic, free radicals, have a positive pole, cause damage, and spin left atomically. Electron donors are alkaline, antioxidants, have a negative pole, cause regeneration and spin right atomically.

In order for a cell to work properly, you have to have the following requirements in the right ranges/amounts:

Glucose, temperature, blood pressure, pH/voltage and oxygen

If any one of these is abnormally low or high, you have problems. To break it down even further, you need the following for the cell to be healthy:

Alkaline water, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, oxygen, sunshine and pH/voltage.

The normal healing range for cells is -50 mV/pH 7.85 to -60 mV/pH 8.05. Viruses, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells die at -70 mV/pH 8.23 to -105 mV/pH 8.84. At +5 mV/pH 6.91 or higher + ranges, bacteria, viruses, fungus, decreased oxygen, pain, and damage to DNA happen. Cancer cells thrive at +30 mV/pH 6.48.

When cell voltage is low and oxygen decreases, we see an increase of anaerobic bacteria in the gut, which begins to thrive in the low oxygen environment. So, when voltage is low, not only do we see an increase in gut bugs, we also don't have the necessary voltage to regenerate the cells necessary that have been damaged.

So many of our kids have chronic gut issues. We see ongoing problems with yeast, parasites, C Diff, and many others requiring usage of Diflucan, Nystatin, Flagyl and so many other anti-fungal and antibiotic substances being used to keep the dysbiotic gut in check, along with the addition of super-potent pre and pro-biotics to attempt to balance the environment out and prevent future flare ups. Yet, we still have this subset of kids that after years and years of gut work, stability still balances on a microscopic fine line that is easily breached. Perhaps not just these methods, but a more accurate way to insure appropriate cell voltage and adequate oxygenation is a key ingredient missing. Again, not the only issue, but certainly something to think about in this mix that continues to keep so many of our kids negatively affected.

Tesla based technology was rebirthed by incorporating two Tesla coils and select noble gases in tubes which produced a “power” based apparatus in 1994 called the Bio-Electric Light Stimulator. This first version was a relic reproduction from those in experimentation in the 1800 and 1900's Tesla era.

In 1998, a subtle energy activation device was created capable of producing a much finer non-physical subtle energy field. By removing the copper wire column and replacing it with fine quartz crystal tubes applied to the unipolar AC and DC bias models, the raw electrical power was reduced while creating a transmission of plasma containing billions of fine ionic frequencies in a full spectrum of harmonics. Providing the solution with AC and DC bias complements was a far more balanced and elegant delivery system with major evolutionary break through propensities.

The Tesla Energy Lights we are now using incorporate the 2 tesla coils and select noble gases to donate electrons, or increase energy to move damaged areas into that -50 mV/pH 7.88 range necessary to begin the regeneration process. It's important to understand we can have all the right things going on with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fats, etc., yet have the wrong cell voltage and not heal appropriately. In many cases, low enough voltage is not only preventing cell regeneration, it's causing cell deterioration and damage.

It's also important to point out that these levels of pH/cell voltage are for adults. Children normally operate at a cell voltage of -35 mV/pH 7.61, so appropriate adjustments have to be made.

It's highly important to me that I stop at this juncture and point out this is not a woo-woo, feel good, grasping at straws, hopeful theory! ALL OF THIS IS 100% PROVEABLE AND REPRODUCEABLE VIA SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENTS! I have to admit, when I first heard about this (and please don't be offended if you fall into this category), my first reaction was here we go again. Another off-the-wall theory falling into that new-age, mysticism genre that has a tendency to be highly subjective in nature, with little scientific fact to support it. NOT SO! This is simple quantum physics, chemistry and voltage.

The cell voltage/pH issue we are discussing is only ONE piece of the puzzle! This is certainly not a fix-all and is not a stand alone solution by any means. Increasing the cell voltage works synergistically to help increase the efficacy of the interventions we are using, thus improving outcomes. It's a critical piece, but not solitary.

What excites me about this, is this is something we can measure! We plan to do studies on this to look at many different methods of measurement and improvement. Medically, we want to look at blood work, pH levels, nutrition levels, organic acids, stool and detox levels. We also want to incorporate the neurofeedback system we are using to do before and after brain mapping, to determine what changes in brain function are resulting from the cell energy shifts, being caused by the lights. EEG is EEG. We either see changes in brainwaves or we don't! No fuzzy science here!

There are several other topics I want to get into over the immediate near future, such as bonded oxygenation, iodine deficiency, hypothyroidism, and others, that play pivotal roles in restoring health. We'll talk more about them soon!

Laura Corby, Founder/CEO

Autism Solution Center, Inc.

To remain in compliance with the FDA, these statements are educational in purpose only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical attention, please consult your licensed doctor or health care professional. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. No medical claims are made or implied of any kind.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Improving Efficacy of Treatments in ASD's.

Improving Efficacy of Treatments in ASD's.

WOW - my head is spinning with new information from this past week's treatment sessions and the conference information explaining the underlying medical/physiological issues with deteriorating health, including ASD's! Gonna write some notes and blog posts that will blow your mind in terms of treating not only ASD's, but most other issues as well. I AM FLOORED with what I have just learned and even more floored by the fact that I have been in the autism circuits for years and have never heard anything like this, yet it makes perfect sense from a medical stand point.

Not to mention the fact that now we will be able to do some research studies to provide the scientific data to PROVE what is going on here, rather than just hearing about "feel good subjective" responses to people who have been treated. THIS IS TOTALLY EXCITING AND COULD SERIOUSLY CHANGE MUCH OF WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DOING!

Stay tuned for more. I have a lot of information that I have to process to find a way to explain all this so it makes sense. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT WHAT WE COULD POTENTIALLY SEE IN TERMS OF IMPROVING EFFICACY OF THE INTERVENTIONS WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOING TO TREAT ASD'S!

Give me a few days to a week to start working on explanations and ways to convey this, and I'll start pumping out posts to share the wealth! :)

Laura :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

There Is Help Availble - Are You Willing To Accept It?

There Is Help Available - Are You Willing To Accept It?

I just read an article by Lisa Jo Rudy, blogger at Autism Guide. Her article was entitled, "Can You Offer Help for Parents with Asperger's Syndrome?" What was being discussed was 2 particular individuals with Asperger's Syndrome who were experiencing some significant life set-backs because of their condition, yet once again, apparently the community at large is at a loss for providing any tangible assistance, as this blogger is taking the question to her readers. Why am I so surprised?

I am posting my response to this blogpost below, as I believe we have to start addressing this question NOW! This situation is NOT going to get any easier, as the diagnostic rates continue to rise faster than the waters of the mighty Mississippi during a monsoon!

Here's my response and I hope the autism community will begin to rise up against the ego's of the world, to shout out, "There is help available - Are you willing to accept it?"

Hello Lisa Jo!

I just finished reading your article titled, "Can You Offer Help for Parents of Adult Children with Asperger's Syndrome?"

As an individual with Asperger's Syndrome/ADHD, the mother of a child with Asperger's and another with autism/ADHD, along with founding an autism treatment center that deals with thousands of individuals with ASD's, I would love to weigh in on this with some thoughts!

Over the years I have changed my opinion to that of ASD's being a lacking of skills that needed to be learned, to understand that it's truly more of an overage of ability. What I mean by that is those with ASD's typically have an ADDITIONAL set of skills that those who are neurotypical do not have. They are overwhelmed by these additional skill sets and don't have many role models to teach them to weild these tools properly, as most do not have them, nor do most understand what we are experiencing on a daily basis and why, how we process information, and how we have to work through those issues to come to a resolution on the other end that results in life changes.

ASD's are medical problems, with neurological consequences and behavioral outcomes. Simply addressing behavior is NOT enough, hence the reason these families are getting no help for these out of control teens or adults with AS. I see it every single day and it's becoming a crisis in terms of the sheer volume of individuals being affected, yet what options are these families being given in terms of tangible help and assistance?

I see psychobabble and overmedication constantly being used as a means to "subdue" the situations and behaviors at hand, yet with unfortunate results in the realm of losing cognition and gifts in the process. Outside of what we have been doing at the Autism Solution Center, I have yet to see real change be affected in the lives of these incredible individuals with AS, bringing them closer to independence, which is what the struggle is all about.

We need to be heard by the medical and professional community. Just because we may not have a M.D. or Ph.D. behind our names does not mean we do not have incredible insight to offer in this field, that most professionals are failing miserably in. I am interested in changing and improving the quality of lives being led by those with ASD's. Opinions are just that, but at the end of the day, it comes down to doing what works, and frankly, most (not all) in the medical and professional community are at a loss in this area when it comes to AS. Let's hope they start listening and recognizing insight from within those with these disorders for what it is.......... incredibly useful!

Just my 2 cents!


Laura Corby, Founder/CEO
Autism Solution Center, Inc.
9282 Cordova Park Road
Cordova, TN 38018
(901) 758-8288

Remember, the Ark was build by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Not Mad... Am I?

I'm Not Mad... Am I?

I had a very interesting conversation this week with a fellow individual with Asperger's (AS) and we were talking about our inability to sometimes recognize the emotions we are projecting out towards others.

As I continue to work with individuals with ASD's, I see a very specific situation continuing to rise to my attention. We often are oblivious when it comes to recognizing that others rarely perceive what we are actually feeling. In other words, we are not good at "showing" accurate emotions to display what's going on inside. Our actions and body language often tell a tale that is not in sync with and often far from what we know to be true.

I recently watched a conversation, or rather a debate, take place between a group of individuals, one of whom was an individual with AS. As he tried to explain his position on the topic at hand to the others in the room, you could see his frustration and anger rise. They just weren't seeing his point of view, which he happened to be quite passionate about, and it seemed the more intently he tried to explain, the more heated the conversation got. His face turned red, the volume of his voice rose significantly, and he began to lean in towards the others, his body language signifying his intensity and intent on changing every mind there.

Interestingly enough, when I spoke with him afterwards about the situation, he said he was absolutely not defensive, heated or angry, yet every person present would have bet their life otherwise. This is a common occurance and the more I see it happen, the more confident I become that these individuals really do not know how they are coming across! When confronted with the scenario, they are usually dumbfounded and often even hurt that anyone could have taken what they were saying out of context to the point of assuming they were mad or defensive. It's kind of an interesting dynamic, as the very same people will then see the identical behavior in another and take great offense, feeling as though everything is targeted at them and as though they are being attacked.

This whole scenario once again goes back to my last post, and the often inability or limited ability to think outside ourselves. It's so critical for others to understand that the self-consumed and seemingly selfish nature of those with ASD's is not what it seems. It's not a matter of not caring, not having an emotional connection, or not having sympathy or empathy. It's also not a matter of being selfish because of ego or internal wants and needs. It's more a matter of being completely overwhelmed by our environment and so many issues within ourselves (anxiety, sensory, OCD, etc.), that we are consumed with what's happening within, let along bringing additional outside issues into the equation!

Haven't you ever had a day where you've had so many difficult things happen, that you feel as if you will completely shut down if you have one more set back? Days where you are so overwhelmed it's impossible for you to think about one more tiny task, as you're spent on what's currently on your plate and the thought of one more thing will just send you over the edge? Welcome to our world! That's often how many of us feel on a daily basis, but don't often have the means to appropriately articulate that to others. Something to consider as well, is that we often don't know we are in that state. Sounds kind of strange, but just follow me for a second.

If you are born blind, then that's all you have ever known. At the age of 15, how would I then try to teach the concept of the color green to you? It's impossible, because you have no frame of reference for colors. I could explain a leaf to you, as that's something tangible you could touch and feel to understand, but an abstract concept like color would be more than challenging. We have to take into consideration that many of us with ASD's have lived every single day of our lives, or at least as long as we can remember, with very heightened anxiety, OCD, paranoia, sensory integration dysfunction and many other issues. If that's all we have ever known, then that's "normal" to us. We don't identify ourselves as anxious if that's how we have always felt. That's our "normal". Only if our anxiety was heightened far beyond what we normally experience, which would be difficult, would we be aware that something is different with our system.

What's interesting here, is that the level of emotions and stimuli we typically experience on a daily basis, would be considered by most as high adrenaline, or "fight or flight" mode. In comparison, most would only experience that level of heightened anxiety and senses if their life was truly in danger.

Imagine if you will, being accosted by a thief at gunpoint. Your sensory system is on high alert, your heartbeat increases, your respiration slows, your bloodflow is more restricted in your extremeties and pushed to your core. WHY? Because your body senses your life is in danger and it's converting all your resources to either fighting or flight. Self preservation is the name of the game, and whether or not someone just loaded the dishwasher incorrectly is not even a consideration at such a time!

Haven't you ever heard the stories of a mother who has a child run over by a car, and somehow in their heightened adrenaline fight or flight mode, they manage to pick up the car to remove their child from under? It's AMAZING what our bodies are capable of in that state. The strength, the rage and influx of emotion can be absolutely incredible. Most rarely, if ever, experience that amount of adrenaline. Those of us with ASD's, on the other hand, live like that daily and have to find ways to temper that heightened state. It's a very difficult balancing act and often more than a full-time venture. If most or all of our time and energy is spent controlling our mood and sensory modulation, how reasonable is it to expect we can monitor the body language and mood modulation of others?

That's not to say we are off the hook and get away scott free with our issues, but it is to say that we have to be TAUGHT how to do this. It's not learned by osmosis! Interestingly enough, we are often only able to learn these things when we are NOT in fight or flight mode. Teaching someone geometry when they have just been robbed and are in fight or flight mode is not a great idea. Their ability to focus, concentrate and stabilize their mood is impossible at best. You wouldn't attempt to teach them until several days after, once the adrenaline had calmed down and they have had time to ramp down from the experience. Likewise, our loved ones with ASD's are very difficult to reach in fight or flight mode. We usually have to bring them down a few notches before they have the ability to truly listen, observe and learn what needs to be taught. Once we accomplish that, THEN we are able to teach mood modulation skills, de-escalation interventions, and many other sensory and self-help skills that enable them to both recognize and eliminate the reactive behaviors that a hyper adrenaline state produces. They then have the skills and ability to stand back and process through information before acting. Once they have a handle on their own system, then they are freed up to notice more about their environment and others that participate in it. It's then we can teach social and other relationship skills that often are underdeveloped.

There's so much more to discuss within this particular topic. We will explore this in more depth in the next post. Stay tuned!

Laura Corby :)