Saturday, October 16, 2010

Improving Efficacy of Treatments in ASD's.

Improving Efficacy of Treatments in ASD's.

WOW - my head is spinning with new information from this past week's treatment sessions and the conference information explaining the underlying medical/physiological issues with deteriorating health, including ASD's! Gonna write some notes and blog posts that will blow your mind in terms of treating not only ASD's, but most other issues as well. I AM FLOORED with what I have just learned and even more floored by the fact that I have been in the autism circuits for years and have never heard anything like this, yet it makes perfect sense from a medical stand point.

Not to mention the fact that now we will be able to do some research studies to provide the scientific data to PROVE what is going on here, rather than just hearing about "feel good subjective" responses to people who have been treated. THIS IS TOTALLY EXCITING AND COULD SERIOUSLY CHANGE MUCH OF WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DOING!

Stay tuned for more. I have a lot of information that I have to process to find a way to explain all this so it makes sense. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT WHAT WE COULD POTENTIALLY SEE IN TERMS OF IMPROVING EFFICACY OF THE INTERVENTIONS WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOING TO TREAT ASD'S!

Give me a few days to a week to start working on explanations and ways to convey this, and I'll start pumping out posts to share the wealth! :)

Laura :)

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