Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Autism Solution Documentary

The Autism Solution Documentary

We are very excited to announce we have reached an agreement with a fabulous production company that is going to be filming our autism documentary they have tentatively called, "The Autism Solution".

We're very excited as our intention for the documentary is to educate the general public globally about the regressive autism epidemic we are seeing and "the perfect storm" or combination of circumstances being created that is inducing this epidemic, as well as many other immune based, bio-neurological disorders that seem to be appearing and increasing at an alarming rate.

What's changed in the last 50 years and how have those changes and supposed improvements to society affected our environment, our bodies, and the coping mechanisms within that drive our every day lives?

We intend to include issues such as genetic predisposition, immune system problems, gastrointestinal issues, metabolic issues, food source problems (processed foods, pesticides, hormones, MSG, anitbiotics, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified foods and much more), environmental toxins (pesticides, water flouridation, chemical run-off, industrial pollutants, etc.), pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and many other involved components that brew the perfect environment for immune-based, bio-neurological disorders, and predominately the regressive autism epidemic we are living now.

We're also pleased to be able to educate the communities abroad on methods of prevention, and treatment for those who have already been affected by regressive autism, and many other similar disorders. This is a necessary and long overdue film that will strip away the politics, the hearsay, and get to the heart and truth of the matter.

We hope you will support our endeavor as we work to film this over the next 6-12 months. We hope to take this far beyond the walls of the autism community, and into the mainstream public on an international level. It's time the entire world knows the WHOLE story on regressive autism, how to prevent this in the future, and how to help those amazing individuals who need help NOW, and don't have 15-20 years to wait for the scientific community to catch up.

Expect to see more updates and our blog, which will be posted shortly, so you can follow our progress and journey into the waking up of a toxic nation!


Laura Lum Corby, Founder/CEO
Autism Solution Center, Inc.