Monday, December 6, 2010

Tesla Energy Lights and Autism

Tesla Energy Lights and Autism

Please check out Autism Solution Center's 6 Part Video filmed during a 1 week period using Tesla Energy Lights with individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorders. MUCH research needs to be done to determine appropriate outcomes & supporting data, but what we saw within one week was very encouraging.

View the video series here:

We now have the Tesla Energy Lights full-time at ASC, and are looking forward to much more exciting news to come as we collect more data. We will keep you posted as new information becomes available.

To go hand in hand with the new information we are learning about pH levels and cell voltage, we are recommending you read the following book, that explains in much more detail how increased cell voltage and subtle energy, such as Tesla Energy Lights, can affect change in your system.

This is technology that has not been researched in the field of autism and holds great promise, as we learn more about what increased pH or cell voltage means to specific areas of the body and mind.

Happy learning!

Laura :)

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